Customer Experience / Frontline Coaching

We help our clients achieve dramatic improvements in their customer experience, focusing on both customer-experience strategy and execution:


Together with our clients, we identify what customers need in order for their experience to be excellent, and what their key pain points are. From these insights, we develop a customer-experience concept based on the customers’ voice.


Based on the agreed-upon strategy, we collaboratively work with the operation to execute the customer-experience concept, focused on metrics, instilling a continuous-improvement mindset throughout the organization, operator accountability and motivating frontline staff to be passionate about customers.

A key element in successfully transforming an organization to focus on the customer is intense frontline coaching, which leads to a sustainable improvement in the customer experience. The Gibb River Group team will accompany clients on this journey in the trenches of the operation.

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Select Success Stories

Developed and implemented a fundamentally new customer-experience concept in the rental car industry covering operational processes, IT integration as well as frontline and management training.

Transformed the customer experience for a leading rental-car client from the ground up, yielding breakthrough improvements in Net Promoter Score (NPS). Achieved sustainability by implementing a Daily Management System rigorously focusing on customer-centric metrics as well as coaching frontline staff and management.

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