Organizational Design

We work with clients to design organizations, with equal focus on efficiency (cost) and effectiveness (performance).  These projects usually result in significant operating cost improvements, as well as accelerated decision-making, a clearer definition of responsibilities for each function, and streamlined information flows.  Among others, we employ the following techniques to achieve these results:

  • Extensive interviews across all levels of the organization
  • Process flow analysis
  • Span of control analysis
  • Mapping of missions, activities, and end products by function, and their associated costs
  • Separation of strategic and transactional activities
  • Development of Centers of Excellence
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Select Success Stories

Conducted a complete review of the entire organization across all business units of a globally operating services company on behalf of the top management team identifying cost improvements worth 10-15% of the company’s operating profit while significantly improving the effectiveness of service delivery for internal customers

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