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The Gibb River Group team members have successfully worked with dozens of clients over the past 15 years. We have listed a few of our many success stories here.

Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Optimized back-office processes and staffing levels for a global travel company leading to cost reductions of 10-20%+, while improving processes from a customer perspective (USA, Europe, Middle East)

Re-structured the manufacturing operations of a European recreational goods manufacturer, increasing capacity by 30% and reducing defects in certain areas by >50%.

Learn more about how we can help you improve operational efficiency and effectiveness here.

Customer Experience / Frontline Coaching

Developed and implemented a fundamentally new customer-experience concept in the rental car industry covering operational processes, IT integration as well as frontline and management training.

Transformed the customer experience for a leading rental-car client from the ground up, yielding breakthrough improvements in Net Promoter Score (NPS). Achieved sustainability by implementing a Daily Management System rigorously focusing on customer-centric metrics as well as coaching frontline staff and management.

Click here to learn how we can help you take your customer experience to a new level.

Sourcing Strategy Development and Execution

Developed, helped negotiate and implement an innovative, industry-defining fuel sourcing strategy for a client in the aviation industry, which improved the client’s profitability significantly. (USA, Europe)

Worked with a client across multiple geographies to meet aggressive savings targets for SG&A purchased goods, “indirects” (Europe, Australia / New Zealand)

Click here to learn how our innovative sourcing strategies reduce your costs.

Breakthrough Cost Reduction (BCR)

Generated savings in the 30-40%+ range for complex capital goods by effectively combining low-cost-country sourcing and Design-to-cost approaches (USA, Europe, Asia)

Saved USD millions (40%+) through Design-To-Cost activities and low-cost country sourcing for a leading operator of public bicycles. Leveraged detailed cost models of the suppliers’ cost structure to identify joint cost savings opportunities. (Europe, Latin America)

To learn more about our Breakthrough Cost Reduction approach, click here.

Organizational Design

Conducted a complete review of the entire organization across all business units of a globally operating services company on behalf of the top management team, identifying cost improvements worth 10-15% of the company’s operating profit while significantly improving the effectiveness of service delivery for internal customers

Click here to read about our approach to organizational design.

Post-merger Integration

Developed the organizational blueprint for a merger of two business units of an aviation company, identifying savings and effectiveness improvements in the USD double-digit millions annually

Click here to learn more about our structured approach to post-merger integration.

Operational Due Diligence

Led the strategic and operational due diligence on a corporate spin-off out of a Fortune 500 company on behalf of the prospective CEO

Led the strategic and operational due diligence for the acquisition of an Asia-Pacific logistics services company for an investor

Click here to learn more about how our operational due diligence creates value for you.

Strategy and Market Research

Conducted a scan of over a dozen countries for international expansion opportunities for a leading medical services company and worked with top management to agree on a prioritized list of expansion targets

Helped top management of a consumer goods growth company develop two growth platforms with incremental sales totaling in excess of 30 percent of current revenues

Conducted a scan to prioritize acquisition candidates according to clearly-defined criteria for an aviation services company

Click here to learn more about how we can help solve key strategic issues with you.

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